The Team


Sarah Richmond

Presenter, Producer, Marine Scientist (Gold Coast)

I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and have always had a love for the ocean. My fascination with Sharks began when I was just 10 years old, and even from that early age I some how knew that Sharks would be a big part of my life.

Fast forward 10 years and I find myself studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Marine Biology and Ecotourism at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. I am learning more and more about Sharks and how important they are in the oceans eco-systems.

So why Sarah Shark? For quite some time I have wanted to explore the Sharks of Australia, not just the big boys that make the headlines, but I also want to meet and introduce you to many of the 185 shark species that call our waters home.

I believe that the plight of Sharks is the most important and critical conservation issue facing our oceans today. With the worlds media only really telling a one-sided story of attack and fear I feel deeply driven to give a different account.

I look forward to taking you on this epic adventure around Australia and perhaps along the way we may all learn a little bit more about the lives of our Sharks.



Kieren Curry

Producer, Videographer & Graphic Designer (Gold Coast)

An award winning underwater videographer and graphic designer, Kieren Curry discovered the sport of scuba diving on a holiday in Australia. He was instantly hooked and moved to Australia with his wife Jen from the UK in 2006 to pursue underwater filmmaking. 

Through his website Dive Around he has created a vast online database of marine life you can find in Australia and an easy to use visual fish ID system, called FIN. His ever growing knowledge lead him to being named an expert on fishes with The Australian Museum. Kieren is looking forward to portraying the story of Australia’s sharks through this series of programs.



Timothy Rankin

Producer, Videographer & Graphic Designer (Gold Coast)


Growing up in the 90′s during the emergence of desktop publishing, I developed a strong passion for computer aided design. On completion of my Digital Design degree at the Queensland College of Art in 2005, I quickly established my own business working free-lance for a variety of organisations. Having studied an array of creative disciplines, my design experience spans from simplistic concepts to comprehensive advertisements, branding, motion graphics and video editing. My role as a lecturer and tutor in Digital Media subjects at Griffith University keeps me continually abreast of design trends and programs.

I am best known in the industry for my balance of artistic ability and efficiency and have been employed by companies wanting a mixture of specific marketing outcomes. The Sarah Shark Project has given me the opportunity to use my skills in an exciting new way that is both entertaining and informative. 



Seanna Cronin

Producer, Photographer & Journalist (Sunshine Coast)

Seanna Cronin is a Sunshine Coast-based, award winning underwater photographer and journalist who writes about the marine environment, travel and conservation issues.

Born in America, Seanna studied marine biology and photojournalism at the University of Miami, Florida and worked for the Miami Herald and as a dive master in Key Largo before moving to Australia to complete a Masters of Art in Journalism and Mass Communication.

She has six years’ experience writing and photographing for newspapers and magazines in Australasia, and is also a member of the Cave Diving Association of Australia (CDAA).

She won the promotional website category at the 2009 World Festival of Underwater Pictures. Her current website, Submerged, was created in conjunction with Dive Around.



Charlie Thorley

Music Director (Worcester, UK)

Charlie is a Music Producer based in Worcester in the UK, he has collaborated with Kieren on commercial and independent projects over the past 11 years.